Dr Josip Dujmovic is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst-in-training whose clinical practice is a combination of supportive psychoanalytically orientated approach aimed at eliciting roots of one’s difficulties and progressive person-centered psychiatry aimed at alleviating mental health distress by pragmatic use of medication. The emphasis is on emotions. Patients are partners in care.

Before starting private practice, Josip worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in a variety of Mental Health Services including Psychological Medicine, Perinatal, Liaison, Older Age and General Adult Psychiatry in Croatia, Ireland and the United Kingdom including University Hospital Centre Zagreb, St James’s Hospital in Dublin and Maudsley Hospital in London. He is a member of The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland.

Josip has special interest in recognising the workings of trauma underneath common psychiatric presentations, differentiating between various types of anxiety, differentiating OCD from (often misdiagnosed) psychosis and treating accordingly, insomnia, reverse parenting, persecutory guilt, discomforts in sexuality,  gender incongruity etc.

Comprehensive assessment and pharmacotherapy of adult ADHD is available. DARE certificates. Psychotherapy recommendations. Second opinions.